Security Services for Finance Institutions

Digital Risk Management for Financial Institutions is about more than compliance. A proactive risk management program can save money, create an inherently reliable infrastructure, and engender trust with customers. Isn't money, reliability, and trust what banking is all about?

Banks have a tough job--they're one of the most highly regulated industries, absolutely critical to business everywhere, and the most desirable target for fraud. Through En Garde's unique range of security services, it is easy to bring in exactly the resources needed for either a specific need, like doing an external independent audit, or cover the entire enterprise looking at security from the top down. No matter the scope of the project, we will work with you to ensure any regulatory requirements such as FFIEC, OCC, or PCI are meet.

Next Steps

Digital Risk Assessment for Financial Institutions
Start with this package if you have never had a comprehensive look at your digital risks or are concerned you're not fully protected.
Penetration Testing
If you have a program in place to protect your assets, but are looking for a more comprehensive, by-hand, assessment of your technical security protections, this package will provide either one-time or recurring testing in accordance with FFIEC Monitoring and Updating requirements.
e-Banking Review
If you're providing online account information, loan applications, or other e-Banking services, this package will provide in-depth analysis of security protections to ensure customer data integrity and sensitivity.